Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 21, 2008

Hey, what's going on Blogland? Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks to the few that read my blog. I appreciate it.

It's 12:37 am, sitting here listening to "Any Crown" sung by Juanita Bynum. I'm in a state. Lot's going through my mind. I spoke to one of my former church members back in Chicago tonite and got so home sick for my church family. I miss the ministry and the fellowship. Not to say that I have not attended a service here. I did make it to Agape Family Worship Center with Pastor Lawrence Powell and enjoyed the service. (sorry Fuzzy, I was riding with someone else or I would have made plans to meet up with you sir.)

I have been preparing and packing for Miami. I have been waiting for this trip since last year and now all of a sudden I'm not excited anymore. It seems so pointless to me now. What is the hype, why am I going, am I to old for all of this. Although, it's my first time going, it seems to be for nothing now. What am I going to get out of the trip? What will it bring to my life? Will it edify the Lord? Will I be able or should I say would I witness to someone to let them know that no matter what they go through and no matter what life may brings God still loves them. I do believe that it is God's desire for all to be saved and I hope that I can just encourage one person then my trip will not be in vain. (Did I just answer all my questions that I just posted?)

I am going to do something that I have only done once before. If I keep it up, only time will tell.
I am going to post my pic. There will be a before and after.

Hope I don't scare anyone away.

Peace and Blessings


Blogger Trent Jackson said...


I remember when I first met you...when you walked up to me in the abbey and said what you said to me...

And now your pic is up.

Growth hurts - but only the real muthafukkas can go through it and not be scared.

Continue to evolve.
Continue to learn.
Continue to live.
Continue to laugh.
Continue to love.
remember to luxuriate.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Darius T. Williams said...

I remember Agape when I was in NJ. I didn't go though - I did watch in on Streaming Faith. It was good, but I couldn't get w/Powell's theology - especially the baptism of the Holy Spirit stuff. It's a one shot deal - either you get it at conversion or you don't. This whole having to go back stuff for more of what you missed doesn't really do it for me.

5:58 AM  
Blogger fuzzy said...

lol at dtw! lol

No harm no foul! I coulda came and enjoyed fellowship with you! sigh

Listen, My church has a Friends and Family Sunday on the second sunday of each month. Would you like to come to the next one? July 13th is the date let me know. I am trying to bring as many people as I can. I never invite anyone, but I love the word that comes forward and it is edifying! Let me know!

2:09 PM  

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