Sunday, June 03, 2007

June 3, 2007

You Look Crazy

Hmm where do I begin. The weekend was very restful. Sunday I attended a little fund raising gathering and then went by the Sunday night meeting spot. It was kewl. I met someone at the fundraising event and they stated that they would prob head to the meeting spot. I don't know why I took that as "I will meet up with you there and we can chill and chat". I was sadly mistaken. They did attend but we never chatted and there was plenty of opportunity. Was it my fault for not approaching them and speaking or was it my fault for putting more into the issue? Oh well, not going to worry about it.
I was sitting on the upper part of the facility by myself just looking out over the crowd and received a text from my roommate. " You Look Crazy" I simply responded with "thank you for the compliment" . Was I looking crazy because I was in a place full of people and I was not socializing and not trying to meet anyone? To be honest I can be stand offish ( is that a word?). I guess that is why I really don't go out to clubs.

Oh, speaking of which. I ran into fellow blogger Trent at the fund raiser. Trent is a good guy and very genuine. Always have a smile. (Hi Trent).

Also another great moment on toady's date. I took my annual HIV test and it's Negative. I would like to encourage everyone to take the test. Even if you have not been sexually active in awhile. It's worth taking the test and it's free.

That's it for me. Peace and Blessing Everyone.