Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June 4th

I know, I know. It's been a min. since I have blogged. Where should I begin? Miami, Apt, Job, there is soo much.

Ok, I will start with Miami for Memorial Day. Can I say that it was truly five star for me. It was not trash, smutty, everything was first class.
I went to Miami for Memorial day and meet some friends from LA and Chicago there. Can I tell you that I had a ball. I haven't partied until 7 and 8am in a very long time. It was well worth it. I had no problems getting right in the clubs, the music was banging and the people were hella kewl.
Miami was great. Words can not describe it. The beach was off the hook. Yes it was a clothing optional beach. Yes I have a pic..... LOL

Enough of that.

Started my new job in Newark. I like the company so far. They have a full cafe where food can be cooked on the spot. That's a plus. The pay is ok for now but looking to make a little more. It's in negotiations.

Still looking for an apt. I found one here in Union City but the bedroom is ryte on the sidewalk. Looking in Newark but not deep in Newark. Actually looking for a nice loft.

Ok, check this out. I usually don't put my personal business out here but I am almost out of debt. I am so excited. Here's the thing I can be totally debt free by the end of the year but I also want to save for my trip to the UK next year for my birthday. What should I do? Go ahead and clear up the debt and wait for the trip or pay half the debt and take the trip. Help me out readers. TRENT HELLLLLLPPPPPPPPP

Ok, I am going to jump up off here. I will holla at you good people later. Ok, Fuzz. How about BBQ's or is there somewhere else we all can meet up that I can get to? Let me know.


Blogger Darius T. Williams said...

About that debt - if you're trying to do something like buy a house or car, then clean up the debt. If you're not try to do anything any time soon - enjoy yourself in the UK.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Bobby Brown Jr. said...

umm is this who i think it is? let me find out u in the ny area now and i havent heard from u..

11:09 AM  
Blogger Trent Jackson said...

THE UK IS FAB!!!! SAVE UP YOUR MONEY! The conversion rate from Dollars to pounds sucks ass!!! You'll probably only get .65 cents per dollar!!!

Interesting timing...I'll be over there next year around the same time.

11:24 PM  
Blogger fuzzy said...

The pay will come, hopefully! In the mean time, can you inquire for me if there are any jobs available in the "on the spot" cafeteria there? I have credentials. I am placing backup plans just in case catering doesn't pick up like I want it!

2:11 PM  
Blogger THE PISCEAN said...

Mr. Darius Williams - I will def. follow your advice

Mr. Bobby Brown Jr. - Long time man, I hit you up on your old blog but never heard anything. We need to get together.

Mr. Trnet Jackson - Yo, we might have to plan the trip together. I know I will enjoy the trip with you and you will not fake out. lol

Mr. Fuzzy - I will get that information for you tomorrow

4:05 PM  

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