Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 21, 2008

Hey, what's going on Blogland? Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks to the few that read my blog. I appreciate it.

It's 12:37 am, sitting here listening to "Any Crown" sung by Juanita Bynum. I'm in a state. Lot's going through my mind. I spoke to one of my former church members back in Chicago tonite and got so home sick for my church family. I miss the ministry and the fellowship. Not to say that I have not attended a service here. I did make it to Agape Family Worship Center with Pastor Lawrence Powell and enjoyed the service. (sorry Fuzzy, I was riding with someone else or I would have made plans to meet up with you sir.)

I have been preparing and packing for Miami. I have been waiting for this trip since last year and now all of a sudden I'm not excited anymore. It seems so pointless to me now. What is the hype, why am I going, am I to old for all of this. Although, it's my first time going, it seems to be for nothing now. What am I going to get out of the trip? What will it bring to my life? Will it edify the Lord? Will I be able or should I say would I witness to someone to let them know that no matter what they go through and no matter what life may brings God still loves them. I do believe that it is God's desire for all to be saved and I hope that I can just encourage one person then my trip will not be in vain. (Did I just answer all my questions that I just posted?)

I am going to do something that I have only done once before. If I keep it up, only time will tell.
I am going to post my pic. There will be a before and after.

Hope I don't scare anyone away.

Peace and Blessings

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Good early morning blogland. It's 3:22am on this Thursday morning. I am sitting here at my laptop with my headphones on listening to CeCe Winans new cd "Thy Kingdom Come". It's awesome. Total praise and worship. It's been a rough one you guys I lost a friend this week. Her name was Chelsea. She was on her way back from Africa 3wks ago. She was doing volunteer wrk working with the women of Monkey Biz(an organization that assist women in Africa that are HIV positive and that have AIDS) and somehow a blood clot that started in here leg ended up in her lung. She died on Sunday. It's still a shock. They sent me yesterday her Africa journal that she was keeping on youtube (Journey to Africa). Just sad.

On another note. Since being here on the east coast, I feel that I have the form of Godliness but no power there of. I really need to get back to my prayer life and to my service. I have yet to find a church home. I was to check out a church in Rahway and have yet to make it there. I have time to make it to all these plays I will def make time for church on Sunday. I better get a big umbrella.

I have not started working yet but things are looking prosperous. I believe it's all in God's timing. Thank God I have a nice reserve and haven't had to jump in it yet.

I am headed to Miami for Memorial Day. I have never been so hey, why not. I am going to live life. I realize that life is too short to just walk around and not live to your full potential. In God's word he says" I come to give you life and that more ABUNDANTLY". Who says that God's people can laugh and enjoy themselves? Certainly not the Lord.

Again on another note. I have had two dates since I have been here on the East Coast. Both were pretty kewl. One was brunch and the other was lunch. Both were great and I really enjoyed. Long days and long conversations. One we had so much in common it was scary. Even to both of us having a love for Borders Books. That is odd. lol

Well my friends I will leave on this note. It comes from the Book of Psalms. Psalms 27:14
Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage. And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!