Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I have found that the most challenging thing about blogging is being consistent . All to often, time seems to run out and you forget to blog but funny enough I read them daily. I also fear that when writing my words and sentences are not grammatically correct or I may have a mispelled word every now and then. But I am sure once I decide to RELEASE myself into the blogg community you will get me together.

As for my thoughts today. I really don't know what I am feeling. I am at work by myself. Everyone went home about 30 mins ago. Why am I still at the office? I am meeting up with someone at 7 I don't know what. Checking out a location at 11 for a proposal that I have to turn in by Friday. So, why am I still sitting at my desk? Is it that the gas prices are so high that I do not want to go home first and I would rather sit here until 6 and drive 45 min and be at my meeting spot by 7? Is it that I just don't want to go to my apartment because once I get there I will lay it down and that will be the end of the day? Or is it that I live such a boring life that working is the only thing that satisfy me?

Friday, May 05, 2006

May 5, 2006

It's funny how reading others trials, tribulations, opinions and daily routines makes one want to jump on the band wagon and share their own stories in an open forum.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bloggville