Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Not to beat around the bush and time is of the essence.
I am all geared up for moving to NJ. I already have a place to stay and a list of NY Bloggers I would love to sit and have serious conversations with. But then there is a twist. I would be chilling with one of my best friends which recently just moved there about 3 months ago. He has a two bedroom condo( mind you that I do know how small the apts/condos are in NY)and stated that it was cool for me to chill until I get my own space. All good, no problems. I told him that I would like to have a job before I moved so that I could jump right into the working world. He was kewl with it. Yesterday, I sent an email just to make sure that everything was kewl and he sent an email back stating that it was but everything was tight as far as space and that he had to through a lot of clothes out because of the space and other things. He also stated that a job was essential and that I would have any expenses there so that I could stack my chips to obtain a deposit and purchase my essentials ( WTF) for my own place.
When I read that email something in my spirit clicked.

(digressing for one moment)
I have always had a problem with being very independent, not relying on anyone but GOD. When I moved to LA 8yrs ago it was nothing but GOD because I knew no one. I had the job and the apartment before I moved here and there was no roommate. I have been here 8 yrs, with a few struggles and disappointments but I made it. I am the type of person that will not take anyone for granted nor would I want to be placed in a situation where I or someone else is uncomfortable.
( back to the issue at hand)

When I felt that click in my spirit, I immediately sent an email back to say that I understood that things would be tight and thanked him for the offer to move in but I would be relocating back to CHICAGO. Yes, CHICAGO.
Chicago is home for me. I still have my place there with my best friend there and I still have keys to the house ( that's how close we are,tru brothers). Instead of paying $800.00 for rent, my portion is only $300.00 and its a 3 story home, full basement and 3 rooms. I really didn't want to move back to Chicago because I felt it was a step back, but I figure that it would be kewl because I can def get a good job, still save the chips and within a year have enough to relocate to NJ or NY on my own in my own and live comfortable.

Questions to the Bloggers:
Do you think that I am moving based on emotions or was this a true sign?

I really wouldn't want to kill a great friendship by moving in and clashing with the homie.

Monday, September 25, 2006


People always say change is good. I like to think that it is more challenging than simply good. Moving to Los Angels 8 years ago from Chicago was good. It took me away from my comfort zone( family and friends ) and placed me somewhere to trust GOD and only him to succeed in what challenges life had in store for me. I can truly say that I have had my share of challenges, struggles, downfalls and failures but on the other hand I have had an experience of a lifetime, met a few new associates and friends(not too many). I have had success, growth, maturity and loves. I have learned so much about myself that it has caused me to really step back and look into the mirror and be truthful to myself.
Everyone says that California is full of fake and phony people although this is partially true it;s usually the people that relocate to California are the fake and phony. You get phonies everywhere. ( except NY LOL). That brings me to the point of this entry.

My stay in California will end mid November. I am at the next phase of my life and that is NY. Well actually NJ, but close enough to NY. My journey will take me to New Jersey to see what GOD has planned for me there. I believe nothing is done by accident or circumstance but in divine order. I contemplated, prayed and meditated on this move because my original destination was back to Chicago. I have always wanted to live in Brooklyn so I guess Jersey will have to do for now. Am I scared? No, Just a little nervous. Moving into a new life experience is always a shock. I'm just taking it one step at a time.

- side bar-
I just want to publicly thank someone for introducing me to this thing called BLOG. They did it without even knowing that they did it. I started reading his blog 10 months ago and reading all the bloggers that he had on his list. Mind you I have been knowing this person for more than 11 years and we lost contact. His God Father is one of my best friends and former roommate. BOBBY BROWN JR thank you for opening my eyes to a whole different world of self. By reading your words, commentaries, cuts, insights and proclamations I have come to accept myself. Something that I have always failed to do previously. Yea, it appeared as if I had it all together but a lot of us have mastered the art of wearing masks. Thank you sir for helping me to remove the mask.

-I digressed-

So, by mid November I will reside on the east coast and look forward to all the opportunity that life has for me. Hopefully I can take blog land on the journey with me. Two others that I want to acknowledge on here.

Sir Trent - Yo man, it was a pleasure meeting you at the ABBEY in July ( I was the guy in all white with the locs. Remember you asked for a pic?). Never change man. Be you. Oh, and yes you are shy and quiet in person.

Sir Dayne- The Book. What can I say. I love it, I love the insight that you have. Don't give up the dream man, and the quest to find self never really ends because there is always more to gain, learn and experience.

That's it for now. I think I have rambled enough.

Peace and Blessing
(pls excuse the spelling errors and any other grammatical errors)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006