Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17th

My First and maybe Last

Hey to anyone who is reading this. I really didn't want to blog about this issue but it is eating me up inside and I have no one to talk to. I have been so emotionally sick and drained the past 2wks that it's not funny and over what? Falling in Love

I fell in love with someone and didn't really want to admit to it until it was too late. The person moved on and started dating someone else. When I tell you that I have cried over the last past two weeks, I have really cried. The person did not know how I felt and that's the worse part about it. I never came out and said " I love you and I want to be with you". When I tell you it hurts so bad, sometimes I can't breathe at night. After said person stated that they were dating someone that is when all truth came out and they were apologizing and saying they wish they would have known. Funny thing is that they liked me as well. So yes there was a big azz lack of communication from two people that communicate very well. I feel as if someone has taken my heart, squeezed the blood out and drank it in front of my face. I have been trying to get over it but it's a day by day fight for me. I have never met anyone like this individual. From day one they were caring, comforting, intelligent, humorous, bright, great smile beautiful body. Man, I missed just being next to them. I have met the person that they're dating and it's kewl. I wished them both well but I am not going to give up.
I'm sorry that I can not put a lot more of the story in the blog but you get the gest of it. I would like to offer this up to everyone. If you love someone please tell them up front. No one is a mind reader.

Oh, sorry. There is one twist to the story.

The person is my roommate.