Monday, December 24, 2007

December 24, 2007

Wassup people? The Piscean here once again trying to stay focused and jot down a little something on the regular.

Ok, last night went to the now famous Sunday night gathering spot here in LA. It was packed as I thought it would be. Hmmm, I was a little (hate using the term shady, but it is what it is)shady to a few people. My thing is don't try to act like you have been talking with me for a long time when you have not and want to be in my face for one nite. Not happening. People are just too funny. I have one person that we rarely speak and he actually reached out to shake my hand. This is because his best friend and I are buddies and he didn't want anyone to know that we do not talk as friends anymore. I was cordial and I extended my hand. (Hey it's Christmas). Then there were a group of people that I have known from my best friend that now lives in NJ. It was about four of them. I didn't crack my mouth to say anything and neither did they. Now, if my boi was in town they would have been all up in our face. (that's LA for you).

Sir TJ was in the building last night and looking great. TJ, we will def meet for dinner sir.

OOOhh, How about I got propositioned for a threesome. GO figure.. LOL. (I don't want to hear it Mr. Jackson). Yo I was shocked. But hey the crazy part about that is when I said no, they asked two other peeps that were around me. lol

What else, what else...... I was going to talk mess about an actor turned model that think they are the shyt when they have only been in one episode of a Logo sitcom ( now cancelled) was in the building last night. But I will not talk bad about the. Sure that they are a nice guy. ( i guess)

There was a fight in the building last night and I am so glad it was not none of US. Thank you Lawd.

Not much else to tell , I know that was kinda boring. LOL ...

Thanks to everyone that reads my blog.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 22, 2007

December 22,2007

Wow, I didn't think I would get that many responses to my last post. Thanks to everyone that chimmed in.

Can I just say that I love Trent. Although, I really don't know him that well but I love him for who he is. He changes for no one. You either love the guy or hate him. LOL

Ok, here it goes..

I went to a Christmas party on last week and can I say that I enjoyed myself to the fullest. (brief interruption. How do you strike up a conversation with someone that you think is checking you out at a party and it's not a "kids" party. Let me know).
The party was at an entertainers home and it was awesome. Everyone was great. There were no DIVAS OR DIVOS, everyone was on the same level. Free food, free drinks were flowing all night. Beautiful guest, and servers. The host was awesome, plus the toys and other items collected for the underprivileged was stacked high from the floor up. Who says we as a people can't come together for a good cause.

I do not like to name drop but I will say that I got to meet Sheri Shepherd and can I tell you that she is a beautiful woman with an equally beautiful spirit. I love her.

Moving on to another event that i attended and was shocked at what I noticed.
Went to a Christmas Concert at a well know church here in LA. The concert was ok, it was free but they did collect an offering. I understand that most churches now have security teams along with deacons that collect the offering but when I actually noticed the LARGE GUN on one of the security guys I was a little on the shocked side. I understand that not everyone that comes to church are holy and upright and you never know what to expect but my God a gun in the sanctuary. What ever happened to TRUST IN THE LORD IN ALL THY WAYS AND LEAN NOT TO THY OWN UNDERSTANDING. IN ALL THY WAY ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE SHALL DIRECT YOUR PATH. I think we as a church should really start believing in what we teach and preach.


Sunday, December 16, 2007



They say confessions are good for the soul. Well, I need to free myself of a few things to move to the next level in my life.

1. I'm a church boy

2. I'm afraid of dying alone and not having anyone in my life

3. I have huge azz crush on a fellow blogger. I really can't give too many DETAILS. lol

4. I struggle with insecurities

5. I have dated a well know supermodel (female)

6. I can hold grudges a very long time

7. I am not comfortable with my sexuality

8. I have never really been in love and when it came close I was always hurt

9. I have no real relationshio with my parents at all and its not because of sexuality (no one knows)

10. Although I modeled for 15 years, I never found myself attractive

There it is. Hmm.